Dr Kester Quist Aphetsi

Dr Kester Quist Aphetsi

Advisory Board Member

Kester Quist-Aphetsi is a global award winner 2010, in Canada Toronto, of the NSBE’s Consulting Design Olympiad and has been recognized as a Global Consulting Design Engineer.

He is the founder of Center for Information Technology and Advanced Computing - CITAC. He has worked in various capacities as a lecturer and Head of Computer science department, consultant, and served as a presenter at seminars and workshops both in the academic and social environment. He is a member of IEEE, IET, CSIEEE, NSBE etc and belonged toscientific and technical committees in the area of information security, Computer Networks, software etc.He is an academic scholar,an author of publications and books, reviewer of high standard scientific international Journals and consultant to international scientific organisations.



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