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Coliba collects and transports recyclables based on request received from Coliba 2.0 recycle app, SMS and contract waste pickers across the value chain.
Collected plastics and recyclables are sorted according to the plastic types (Chemical constitutes), color and how clean they are. This is to ensure that lables and covers of plastics are taken off and recycled based on color uniformity to avoid pollution and meet industry standards.
Sorted plastics are processed through various forms of recycling processes to produce flakes. Recyclable items like beverage cans are processed by being baled and supplied to aluminium companies for recycling.
Coliba recycles plastics such as PET, HDPE, LDPE following local and international standards to meet demands for our products. Recycling processes must be in line with EPA standards.

Recycling Basics

Recycling should be fun and rewarding.Follow these step to have awesome experience while recycling.

Annual Report

 At Coliba, we are committed to new and innovative ways to reduce and re-purpose waste.

Our key commitment areas is to continually find innovative ways to reduce our across our value chain to preserve our planet for future generation. This means commitment to reduce energy consumption and reduce carbon footprint to responsible sourcing where we engage our value chain to provide sustainable options.

Plastics 100%
Paper & Card Board 45%
Beverage Cans 60%

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