Coliba Recycling Services  in collaboration with Voltic Ghana Limited and Total Petroleum Ghana Limited (Total) launched a plastic collection project to help in the proper management of plastic waste from households in Accra and the Tema metropolis.

The initiative dubbed ‘#IRecycle’ is in line with Voltic’s waste segregation and disposal project which has run since 2015. The Coca-Cola Company and all its bottling partners like Voltic are leading the industry to help collect and recycle a bottle or can for everyone by 2030; and a strategic partnership with Coliba is a step in that direction.

Total is on board to make the containers accessible to the public through its wide network of service stations.

Coliba is a plastic recycling startup that uses an innovative approach to help homes, businesses and communities start recycling programs through an incentive-based model.

This is done while working hand in hand with waste pickers to build effective recovery and collection network for plastic waste solely.

#Irecycle is a collection and segregation drive championed by Voltic, Total Petroleum Ghana and Coliba, Ghana. The project seeks to provide alternative bins at 40 locations mainly Total Service Stations encouraging consumers to segregate their plastics.

The project also empowers women waste pickers by mapping each community waste picker to a bin to collect and sell back to Coliba with great value and pride.

Total has currently made provision for these recycling containers at its service stations at Atomic Energy, ACP, East Legon, Liberation, Oxford Street, Tema Hospital road.

To locate the closest bin please download the list of location or call our office line directly for assistance on 020 856 3799
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