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Recycled pellets from Pure water plastics and other low density plastic materials. Our clean and non-polluted pellets meet industry standards and are used by plastic manufacturing companies to make new products.

Hot washed PET flakes. This product is crushed PET turned into flakes for further reuse in the plastic manufacturing value chain. Our flakes meets local and international market standards. Flakes can also be channeled into the road construction, making pavement blocks for the construction sector as well as making fence poles.


We supply clean baled and non-baled aluminium beverage cans products on sale to partner recycling companies in the value chain with focus on local and international market. Supplies are shipped and delivered in tons only for industry use upon timely request.

The high demand and use of PC and PET waster dispensers in Ghana is a challenge we are tasked to resolve by providing solution to such post consumables. Our baled PC and PET are supplied and shipped to partners for further use in the manufacturing of other plastic products. we also turn PET forms of dispensers into flakes and transform them into other plastic material for reuse thereby creating a circular economy without need to use virgin materials.

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