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How can I get a sign up?

To sign up for our recycling and incentive service as individual please fill the contact form and send us an email or download Coliba 2.0 on Android and IOS to get access to our full service. Businesses or organisations can sign up by filling the contact us form


What is the price of the recycling materials?

We offer various price and point for every form of material a client recycles with us except for businesses or organisations. The prices are automatically loaded on your Coliba 2.0 account and could change from time to time.


Do you offer transportation?

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What types of waste do you accept?

We recovery and recycle various forms of plastic such as PET, HDPE, LDPE and PC. We also recover paper and Cardboard and sometimes Glass bottles depending on market demands.

Where is your office located?

Dela Avenue, Adjacent National Health Insurance office, Abeka Lapaz.

Do you offer quality audits?

Yes. We offer quality audit and impact and evaluation audit to companies and businesses to sign up for our services.

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