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Low-Tech Waste Management Company, Coliba Tops Innovative Social Enterprise Idea 2017

On March 23rd, during the Enterprise Africa Summit 2017, the audience selected COLIBA as the Number 1 of the Top 10 Innovative Social Enterprise Idea 2017.

COLIBA: Is an early stage low-tech waste management company that leverages on technology such as an online mobile application that helps users monetize their waste as well as generating revenue through satisfying the demand of recycling companies.  The application permit users separate their waste, know the value of the generated waste at every point in time, schedule and request a pickup and get waste picked at the comfort of users home and finally pay the user for the waste via the Mobile platform.

Coliba focuses on Plastic, Polythene, and metal waste materials.Coliba integrates SMS notifications and messaging in other to reach out to users of feature phones (no smart phones) for wider coverage. Coliba is has created direct jobs to 108 women in our five communities of operating who currently serve as waste suppliers. ). Coliba is helping users monetize their waste as well as generating revenue through satisfying the demand of recycling companies.

As part of the strategy to get a continuous supply for the satisfaction of the recycling companies, coliba includes societal reorientation awareness campaign as part of its marketing strategy for citizens to voluntarily develop the habit of keeping their solid waste for continuous pickup and environmental protection.
Therefore, coliba empowers citizens; satisfy the demand of recycling companies, generate revenue for owners and investors as well as protecting the environment for the benefit of all.

The Rest of the Top 10 Innovative Social Enterprise Idea includes
1.  Paul Coffie Bebobru Jnr – Toahouse
2.  Peter Paul Akanko Jnr – Kente Master Ltd
3.  Fiifi Dzansi – Y.A.R.O

4.  Frank Nana Addae – Startup Fundos

5.   Michael Ologo – CLTS

6.   Linda Afia Akporhor – Green House Farming

7.   Elijah Amoo – Food or All Africa

8.   Jackson Nyarko – EcoCare Waste Initiatives

9.Kwasi Adarkwa – Land registry project

After the pitching competition, the judges selected the Top 5 and the audience had the chance to select the Number 1 of Innovative idea for the ‘Next 100 Million Idea 2017.

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